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Fri, 09 Nov 2018 17:08:12 +0000 Test Record 2 Authenticity: archival bond would remedy this situation but so far don t have it? problem linking records on the chain to procedural context sidechain solution metadocument that collects hashes of all documents into one place OP-Return; transition metadata to establish an archival bond b/w transacations. semantic layer using ontologies *But big issue with how these technologies align with the legal and admin procedural controls which affect the integrity of the records. * also integrity can be affected by Man-in-the-Middle attacks, sybil attacks, SYN floods, coding errors, timing errors and attacks, and cryptographic key loss sources of blockchain vulnerability. Governance is also another issue systemic tendency towards centralization even with miners how decentralized are the bc platforms. Persistence through time: Long-term preservation is just uncertain. preservation is premised upon redundancy through decentralization of nodes. persistence of blockchains networks are not guaranteed, community, minors move to new fork or new system orphan chains. brings problems with preservation and even question of which version is considered legit? 1182 bytes mhSo4u79ZAZKnz8QX63qTDDDmLjwoCsYCL 3bf11294410ff891c610dd7f185e0317e59560aedc64eb9555ad4456e4bb1f96